About Me

⇒ Learning Eco-systems Support and Solutions Manager at Sauder Learning Services, responsible for Online BYOD Exam logistics and WordPress/Blackboard Learn LMS integration.

⇒ Instructional designer, language teacher and web developer with over 10 years experience in the education field.

⇒ Experienced in instructional design, project management, classroom teaching, teacher training, team leadership, public speaking, curriculum development, web strategy / development, and social media management

⇒ MA in Educational Technology and TESOL from University of Manchester, England, BA in English Literature from Bosphorus University, Turkey and completing a Provincial Instructor Diploma in Adult Education in BC, Canada.

⇒ Passionate about designing, implementing and empowering instructors with student-centred, blended, flexible, online-enriched and mobile learning

⇒ Avid volunteer/promoter of LEGO® Education, STEM Ed, Robotics, and MakerEd  for elementary level students in BC; volunteer Robotics Intructor at Daedalos Academy

⇒ Improvisational Jazz Pianist and Composer with original compositions on SoundCloud




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